Reiki Associates Diary


A Day with Denise Carpenter,
author of Reiki Wings
Sunday October 29,
9:30am – 5:00pm
The Care Centre,
510 Second Street East,
Cornwall, ON, K6H 1Z6
To Register: email Jeanne at
or phone 613-933-6741

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A Reiki Package - Reiki Sendings

A Sending or Distance Treatment is an alternative method for receiving a Reiki treatment. This method can be used if the person requesting a treatment cannot be in the same physical space as the practitioner.  Examples of this would be: if there is an issue with time,  if there is a need for energetic balance during an important event, or if the client and the practitioner are not in the same building/city/province/country.

Reiki energy can be “sent” or directed to a person that is not in the same physical location as the practitioner.  The practitioner and the person requesting the treatment establish a mutually agree upon a time for the treatment. The practitioner then uses the technique of a Distance treatment or Sending to focus the Reiki energy on the person. It is beneficial but not essential for the person receiving the treatment to be in a relaxed state and expectant of the treatment.

30 Daily Sending Package
  This is a 30 consecutive day block of sendings.  Each daily sending is 20 minutes in duration.  A designated time is set for the daily sending as well as the block of 30 consecutive days.  The daily sending is a direct energy connection with the client.  The treatment has evolved into a more energetically involved flow due to the daily connection.  It is an excellent introduction to Reiki or an incredible boost to those already experiencing Reiki treatments.
Cost:  $360
To book this package:  contact Denise by
phone or text 613-913-2803 or