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A Reiki Package
Building Foundational Integrity

I am excited to offer a Reiki Package designed to support those moving to a more integrated vibrational structure. The package, Building Foundational Integrity, works with and supports your individual matrix pathways as you create an increased and stable capacity to channel the higher frequencies.  Each treatment in this package is designed to support your vibrational matrix as it evolves but will also be uniquely tailored to your specific needs.  I invite you to experience a beautiful, supportive and effective approach to transforming your energy system as you open to higher frequencies.
Cost per package (10 treatments) $560.00
To book this package or for more information:
contact Denise by phone or text 613-913-2803
or email


The Teacher’s Handbook offers suggestions for class formats, class structure, and general guidelines for setting up a class.
The Teacher’s Handbook also includes a complete set of Student’s Notes for each Level of Usui Reiki. Each Level of Student’s Notes included in the Teacher’s Handbook is also available for purchasing individually.
These books are intended to be a guide for beginning teachers and a source of supplementary ideas for the more experienced teacher.
The intent is to offer a structure and framework for teaching Reiki, not to change or challenge the teacher’s own experience of Reiki or their unique teaching expression. Each person must have their own journey with this incredible energy.  Available through Amazon