Reiki Talks and Presentations

deniseactionDenise Carpenter, a Reiki Master/Teacher since 1999, has years of experience delivering talks, presentations, seminars and workshops to a variety of groups, large and small. Denise has delivered sessions to groups wanting to learn about Reiki as a wellness therapy, to groups of Reiki teachers wishing to hone their professional skills, as well as municipal committees and community associations wanting to explore opportunities for integrating Reiki into projects and services. Some events are delivered on a regular basis throughout the year and interested individuals can check the Reiki Associates calendar and the Reiki Associates newsletter for dates and times and registration information. Others are designed for specific groups upon request. If your group would like Denise to design a session for your specific needs, please contact her to set up an initial meeting to discuss options and possibilities.

Presentation format and schedule can be adapted to accommodate your particular time and space requirements.

So, get to know Reiki and get to know Denise. You will be glad you did.

She can be contacted through: or 613-913-2803 (phone or text)