Reiki Associates Skinny


Join Lotus Wings practitioners at the Stewart Park Festival for a variety of treatments at the very reasonable rate of $1.00 / minute. It’s not just music that soothes the savage breast, it’s also Reiki, massage and reflexology. 

Friday....July 14- Denise- noon-2, Maureen- 2-7, Denise-7-8:30. 

Saturday...July 15-Denise 11-1, Shulamit-1-4, Denise-4-8:30,

Sunday....July 16-Denise-11-1, Beverley-1-5.

Hope to see you there!!


A Reiki Package
Building Foundational Integrity
This is a 10 treatment package that will help you move to a more integrated vibrational structure.  This package will help you move through frequency shifts.  Each treatment will support your vibrational matrix as it evolves.  This will allow your energy system to strengthen through its transformation.  The treatments will work with and support the individual matrix pathways creating an increased and stable capacity to channel the higher frequencies.
Cost per package (10 treatments) $560.00
To book this package:  contact Denise by
phone or text 613-913-2803 or