What To Expect During A Reiki Session:

Reiki is a gentle technique for restoring and balancing your body’s natural energy to encourage better health.
A body working in harmony with itself leads to improved health.

In Person Reiki Sessions work by flowing through the weakened parts of the energy field, thereby raising the vibratory level of this field in and around the physical body. This clears, strengthens and balances the energy pathways, thus allowing the absorption of the natural life force. This affect is achieved by a gentle placing of hands by the practitioner on the body’s energy pathways.

How It Works

In Person Reiki Sessions are booked as 1 hour appointments and are booked at an investment of $80 for a one hour session. For more information please connect with Denise to find out more or book a session

An Alternative option for people with time or distance restraints:

Remote Reiki Sessions are also available and work in the same way as a traditional hands on Reiki Session. For the Remote Session, the practitioner connects with the client either by phone or zoom at the appointed time and remains on the phone with the client for the allotted time. The client requiring Reiki would book a one hour appointment as per the hands on session.

These sessions are the Reiki answer for the person who has time or distance restraints. The talk exchange between the client and practitioner directs the session, with the practitioner using the Distance Reiki technique to connect with and work on the client’s energy field. The Reiki energy flows in the same way as a hands on session to the client. An investment of $85 for a one hour session is the same as an in person session.

Reiki Benefits & Principals

This ancient technique originated in Tibet many years ago, and was brought to Japan in the mid 1900’s by Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki was introduced to the West in the early years of the twentieth century, and since that time has gained recognition as a powerful adjunct to standard medical treatment.

Dr. Mikao Usui--Reiki Associates

Mikao Usui

The Reiki Principles

1. Just for today, do not anger.
2. Just for today, do not worry.
3. Just for today, I will live in gratitude. I will honour myself, my parents, my teachers and my elders.
4. Just for today, I will earn my living honestly.
5. Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

The Benefits Of Reiki
  • Magnifies your inner perception. It helps you sharpen your intuition and develop a greater sensitivity to your energy as well as to the energy of others.
  • Promotes self-confidence and a trust in life as a benevolent force.
  • Helps you to develop more compassion towards everyone and everything.
  • Promotes a growing responsibility for your own life and being.
  • Helps you solve old problems. During Reiki initiations or sessions, old problems may bubble up in order to be resolved. It is then up to you whether you choose to resolve them.