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Reiki Packages

These Reiki Packages Are A Set of Multiple Reiki Sessions with a focused Intention

What is a sending?:

A Sending or Distance Session is an alternative method for receiving a Reiki session. This method can be used if the person requesting a session cannot be in the same physical space as the practitioner. Examples of this would be: if there is an issue with time, if there is a need for energetic balance during an important event, or if the client and the practitioner are not in the same building/city/province/country.

The 21 Day Reiki Sending Package is useful for anyone short on time, embarking on a new adventure,  working to let go of an old behaviour, or working to create a new way of being.  The sending package will commence on a mutually agreed upon day and will continue for 20 minutes each day inclusive of the 21st.   Your contribution is simply to being  open to receiving the Reiki sending sent by Denise.

The cost is $150.00 for the package.

If you would like to enhance your sessions please include this video and playlist series:

The Building Foundational Integrity Package is designed to support those moving to a more integrated vibrational structure. This package works with and supports your individual matrix pathways as you create an increased and stable capacity to channel the higher frequencies. Each of the ten sessions in this package is designed to support your chakra system as it clears, realigns and evolves. It will be uniquely tailored to your specific needs.

I invite you to experience a beautiful, supportive and effective approach to transforming your energy system as you open to higher frequencies. This Reiki Package is designed integrate and balance your chakra system by clearing and stabilizing each chakra . These sessions are uniquely tailored to your specific needs. The package, Building Foundational Integrity, also works with and supports your energy pathways as the chakras build capacity to channel the higher frequencies. This package can be in person or completed remotely.

Cost per package (10 treatments) $678.00

Introduction to Building Foundational Integrity Package: