Reiki Sessions

Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki Sessions are reiki sessions that allow energy to be “sent” or directed to a person that is not in the same physical location as the practitioner. 

What Is Distance Reiki?

Distance Reiki Sessions or Sendings are an alternative method for receiving a Reiki session. Reiki energy can be “sent” or directed to a person that is not in the same place as the practitioner.

How Does A Sending Work?

To prepare for a sending, the practitioner and the person requesting the session would mutually agree upon a time and duration for the session. The practitioner would then use the technique of a Distance treatment or Sending to focus the Reiki energy on the person. It is beneficial but not essential for the person receiving the session to be in a relaxed state and expectant of the session.

Distant Reiki Sendings

This is a direct sending connection with the client for 30 minute duration. The sending would follow the same protocol as a regular session, but is beneficial when a scheduled hands on session is not possible, in an emergency, if the client is experiencing too many demands on their time or would like help with a special event.

Cost: $45

This format was designed by a client who had time constraints for travel and availability and found it as effective as a hands on session. The sending is one hour in length. It begins with up to a 30 minute phone conversation to help the client focus on their intent for the session. The remainder of the time is a direct sending connection with the client following a regular session protocol.

Cost: $85

This format was also designed by a client requiring multiple sessions but has time and availability constraints. There is a 21 consecutive day block of sendings. Each daily sending is 20 minutes in duration. A designated block of 21 consecutive days is chosen by the client and practitioner. The daily sending is a direct energy connection with the client. These sessions has evolve into a more energetically involved flow due to the daily connection. It is an excellent introduction to Reiki or an incredible boost to those already experiencing Reiki sessions. Cost: $150