Reiki Associates Diary

Enriching Me and My Reiki Community...5th Annual Conference

What an AMAZING day we had....the venue was incredible, the speakers inspiring, the music and movement pieces awesome....all in extremely empowering day!! 

Can't wait until next year :)



 22nd Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Reiki Association

We, the Officers and the Board of Directors of the Canadian Reiki Association invite you to join us for the 22nd  Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Reiki Association.  Our AGM takes place on May 25th, 2019, at the Holiday Inn in Oakville, ON.  for more information...follow the link below...


Just a heads up that I will be offering a Reiki talk/workshop at the Stewart Park Festival this year....a short talk will be given with a group Reiki Session offered to those who would like to receive.  Other years, some of my students have helped channel Reiki for the group session.  I would like to invite any student who carries liability insurance to practice  Reiki with me during the talk/workshop.  The date and time for the talk/workshop have not yet been decided.....The Festival is July 19, 20 and 21.  Please connect with me if you have any questions.....613-913-2803


April's Special

Building Foundational Integrity

I am excited to offer a Reiki Package designed to support those moving to a more integrated vibrational structure.  The package, Building Foundational Integrity, works with and supports your individual matrix pathways as you create an increased and stable capacity to channel the higher frequencies.  Each treatment in this package is designed to support your vibrational matrix as it evolves but will also be uniquely tailored to your specific needs.  I invite you to experience a beautiful, supportive and effective approach to transforming your energy system as you open to higher frequencies.

Cost per package (10 treatments) $560.00
To book this package or for more information:  contact Denise by 
phone or text 613-913-2803 or