Jikiden Reiki
Animal Reiki
To contact Jacqueline email:  jac.reiki@gmail.com

Born of a Life Long inner calling to be a guiding benefit to others & to animals. Jacqueline has reassessed both her personal and professional life a number of times as she believes we all do on this journey of our lives. Hardships can follow us through some of these times but she believes these define the path that we choose. Jacqueline’s journey/career has transformed from nursing to business owner to mindful living coach to natural health consultant. She has had the honour of being a Tibetan Reiki Master for many years until her path lead her to Jikiden Reiki.

This Japanese healing art is for the improvement of body, heart & mind. The energy awakens our own natural healing ability allowing us to heal intuitively bringing a balance to our body on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally & energetically in times of stress, pain & illness.
Although Reiki traditionally has been mainly for humans it offers many qualities that make it an ideal therapy for our animal companions. Reiki heals intuitively on all levels of the animals being, physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.
She volunteers Jikiden Reiki at the Ottawa Cancer Foundation and at LAWS (Lanark Animal Wellness Shelter) She offers treatments & Teachings in her home and is available every second Wednesday @Lotus Wings.

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