What an incredible conference!!  I am in such awe of our  speakers, who were so able to deliver their messages with clarity and insight for all who were present.  Each speaker was able to build upon the previous message in such a way that the day felt like a teaching.  The inclusion of Chakradance, the Hildegard of Bingen Chants and the Drumming workshop completed the movement from intellectual to spiritual to physical and then dovetailed our energies back through the intellectual, to the spiritual to the physical to the intellectual…..and so on.  Special thanks needs to be given to Michelle from Code’s Mill on the Park and her staff for such complete and attentive service.  And, we must mention Tom Uhryniw, my real estate agent from Coldwell Banker who donated time and sound equipment for the day….over the top service from Tom as well.  Tristan Brine enhanced our Vendors Marketplace this year with the number of vendors available and opened it to the public for everyone’s benefit!!  Just one final thank you and please hear this as a BIG THANK YOU…. to our unstoppable volunteers…Patti, Louise and Christina…..YOOT YOOT!!

All in All, it was an AMAZING day…..what a gift from Source!!

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,


Speakers…Jennifer Clark  

Mon Dojeiji and Alberto Agraso – Walking for Peace

Jaz – Jacynthe Villemarie of Deliberate Soul Creation

Claire Scanlan of Butterfly Whisper Healing Center

Andrea Gerhardt

Sarah Wibberley of Pathwalks

Andrew Fisher



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