I have been in long debates with myself over the use of this blog.  What is the best use of my time and of your time.  The answer that keeps showing up is to use it for teaching from the perspective of my practice and teaching experiences.  I have been in practice since 1996 and teaching since 1999.  There has been an amazing evolution of consciousness on our planet that has found the capacity to hold both Western and Eastern teaching philosophies.  Reiki is no exception.  Some of the focus of Western Reiki is different from some of the focus of Eastern Reiki.  That is to be expected when considering the cultures that are and have been present and functioning over the last 100 years in the various world wide countries.   But the essence of Usui Reiki has not altered.  It requests a very personal relationship with its practitioners and teachers.  And, is a devoted and faithful partner in that relationship regardless of when or how the connection was made.  The attuned only need request Reiki to flow and it will…every time.  The Principles form the backbone of our practice and whether in personal struggle or untethered growth they remain the framework for stability…..stay 100% present, always channel gratitude, honour yourself and others, be honest with yourself and others, and live with profound kindness.  No small task, but with practice, practice, practice ….absolutely life changing.  I invite you to engage with this energy either through sessions with a practitioner or classes with a teacher.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, (May the Buddha in me, connect with the Buddha in you, to  promote harmony and peace)


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