Breathing….the act of moving air in and out of your lungs.  The capacity to do so provides life to our bodies.  The lack of capacity  brings an endless contraction to our ability to live life.  Our lungs are continually expanding and contracting, expanding and contracting…bringing in the elements we need to survive, pushing out the elements that are harmful to our bodies.  It is a continual yet necessary act performed by the lungs to sustain us.  I am growing to see the energy of life in the same way.  It rides on our breath.  Life seems to be in a continual motion of expanding and then contracting, expanding then contracting.  Bringing us to experiences of growth and loss, joy and anguish, pleasure and pain.  Oftentimes, the same event will bring the expansive and the contractive experience….just to keep us engaged  🙂

Our choice becomes one of, what to do with this flow.  We can’t escape it if we are breathing.  Do we want to just survive it… cope with it… struggle with it… ignore it…grow with it… thrive with it… pass it on…?  How can we move ourselves to a place where it can serve us?  How can we move ourselves to a place where we can serve it?  Questions….always more questions.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,



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