Breath….one of the techniques taught in the Usui Reiki Level I class is about breath control.  The technique is called Joshin Kokyu Ho which roughly translates to “the breathing method for cleansing the spirit”.  We teach this technique to the students as a grounding tool before beginning a Reiki session.  But, it an extremely easy and useful tool for bringing yourself back to balance….anywhere, anytime, for anyone.

The technique involves inhaling slowly through your nose, drawing the breath from the crown chakra (top of the head) to the second chakra (about two or three finger widths below the navel).  While drawing in the breath, imagine breathing in a white energy or Reiki energy with the breath.  Hold the breath in the second chakra for three seconds or so and then, exhale it from your second chakra into your aura.  Do this technique at least three times to fill your aura with the white energy or Reiki.  The calming effect is immediate, the connection to the earth is undeniable.  It gives you that pause before responding.  For use in any situation…for anyone with or without Reiki training.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,


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