Posted by Denise on January 21, 2016

The Grief Wobble….Years of working with Reiki in Palliative Care brought the repeated experience of witnessing the “Grief Wobble” term for this manifestation.  When two or more beings are in prolonged close contact or have biologically similar genetics, their energy systems will synchronize….like two or more tops spinning together. When one of those beings passes onto another dimension, the remaining beings will experience a shift in their collective and personal energy field.  The transformational shift of the passed being’s energy directly impacts that of the collective….the tops will wobble.  For many, it “feels” like you are not able to “keep your feet on the ground” or “you are walking on quicksand” or “nothing make sense” or “I can’t do anything anymore”.  My Mom’s passings brought the “Grief Wobble” home to me.  I have managed to make more mistakes during the passed couple of months than over the entire span of my career.  Initially, it felt like I was trying to walk while lying down.  That has now transformed to walking while standing up…Thank You!!  So, I apologize for all the “Oops, when was that deadline again??”, “OMG-I could not have done that”  or being “totally unable to respond”  to or with events over that the last few weeks.  I am walking on my feet again and so grateful to my Mom for all she brought.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,

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