Posted by Denise on January 10, 2016

More of my Mom’s passing…I have worked in palliative care for many years and have had the opportunity to treat a person’s body once they has left it.  Always, and I mean always, the gifting I have from the person who has passed, is their allowing me to witness them stepping into the “light”.  The “light” always presents itself to me like a huge subway tunnel that is beaming the most beautiful, welcoming white light.  At my Mom’s funeral, I had about half an hour of uninterrupted time before the others arrived… thanks to the chauffeuring capacity of a good friend.  As I treated her body, an energy appeared on the right, above us.  It was changing colour from light green to light blue to light pink…very loving, very gentle, very welcoming.   A bubble came out of the energy, floated to my Mom’s chest and rested on her heart chakra.  It hovered there and gathered up many energies from her body. (I have never witnessed this before).   It was a beautiful, calming sight.  The bubble then returned to the original energy and dissipated.  If anyone has an explanation, please contact me

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,

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