Posted: December 11, 2015

The saying goes that “when your life is in chaos, know that the hand of the Divine is present”.  Well, the Divine has been so very present in my life over the last month.  My Mom, (who has been the catalyst for a few blogs) had a massive stroke and passed away two weeks later in early November.  She suffered from mental illness all of my life and maybe all of her own, I am not sure.  The result was a very strained relationship for us.  I live over 400 kms from her.

Her children received “the” call on the day following her massive stoke that she may not live….but, she found the strength to continue for two more weeks.  All of her children, except one (due to his travel distance) were able to visit her while she was still alive.  My sister and I had the most lovely day with her, giving her Reiki treatments, massaging her tired body, feeding her, finding ways to communicate.  She had trouble accepting our gifts at the beginning, but after about 10 minutes totally relaxed into the process….then thoroughly enjoyed herself….so much so that the woman in the bed beside her asked for a treatment when my Mom was resting.  It was such a healing for my sister and me.  We were able to see her just as she was and love her from that place.  Two weeks later, after her funeral, my older brother told us that she was a different person from that time on…he called her “Our New Mom”.  So much healing happened that day of sharing with her….Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Denise

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