Posted: December 2, 2014

Grace, Reiki and the Second Chakra….I am still working through Carolyn Myss’ book “Invisible Acts of Power-Channeling Grace in Your Everyday Life”.   Our second Chakra, named the Sacral Chakra has the energy of Self-Protection and is all about “Gifts of Survival-Financial and Creative Support” (page 23).  “Your second chakra oversees “what’s mine”-your personal belongings, relationships, and partnerships.  It represents growing up out of the roots of your tribal or group identity and into your ability to provide for yourself” (page 23).   As the past few months have unfolded, my second chakra has been clearly indicating that there is dissonance in my field.  My “guts” have been trying to tell me something for months and months, but I could not listen.  My genetic tribe’s teaching about relationship and partnership was dysfunctional at best.  The need to re-educate myself was clear.  The necessary teachers have been present in my life, but I did not recognise them.   Grace working through Reiki helped me accept life’s challenge as it was and not as I would have liked it to be.  It was a very difficult process, but life enhancing every step of the way.  The courage necessary to look at and work through what was transpiring became available through intent.  “Reiki please flow and guide me” became my mantra.  Different ideas of relationship and partnership with self and others came through dreams, chance discussions with other people, books, movies and meditations.  What a gift!!!  At the end of the day, the lesson in my second chakra was about self love, acceptance and kindness.  Who knew?  My “guts” are healing.  I am not as willing to accommodate at my own expense.  And yet, as the Dalai Lama says, “Mine is the religion of Kindness” (Reiki principle number 5).  What is next  ?

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,   Denise

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