Posted: December 11, 2014

Grace, Reiki and the Third Chakra….I am still working through Carolyn Myss’ book “Invisible Acts of Power-Channeling Grace in Your Everyday Life”.   Our third Chakra works with our Ego Energy and is all about “what I am”.  It is the centre for “self-esteem, personal power, of honour and ethics” and “where we generate the ability to make decisions for ourselves, to handle crises and take risks”.  (page 25)    It brings the “gifts of self-esteem, unconditional support, friendship and personal dignity.” (page 25)  One of the gifts of the past few months has been with this chakra.  My biological family was very weak when building self-esteem, especially with their girls.  The dissonance created by the deceptions over the last few months has really driven me into my third chakra to discover what has attracted this energy.  Working with my counsellor has uncovered patternings that I have outgrown and no longer serve me in my present life.  I believe that some lessons have to be delivered by someone or circumstance that literally stop you from continuing life as it is.  Often, it has to be a family member, close friend or physical trauma to deliver the message.  As the unwinding of the circumstance continues, I am better able to experience the grace present as all was unfolding.  Kindness and compassion have to be central to the unwinding as time moves forward.  With the support of Grace and Reiki, my family and friends,  I can breath again.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,   Denise

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