Posted: March 4, 2015

Continuing with the Reiki Principles… The Third Principle… Just for Today, I will live in Gratitude, I will Honour Myself, My Parents, My Elders and My Teachers.  With this principle, we move our experience from contemplative … anger and worry … to channeled….active energy movement.  We are asked to channel the energy of Gratitude and Honour in every situation we can muster.  The teaching is about the principle “like attracts like”, or using other words, the Energy of Engagement.  If we can become consciously aware of how we are engaged by others and equally, how we respond or engage others, then our experiences or energy exchanges can evolve into win/win scenarios.  During an energy exchange, either verbal or physical, before you respond, take the time to consciously  feel where you receive the energy in your body… which chakra? how does it make you feel? what is your knee jerk reaction to it?  Then consciously decide/choose to respond from your heart chakra, regardless of which chakra received the energy.  Initially,  the exercise will slow down the exchange between you, but, with practice you will become very competent.  If you have difficulty accessing the heart chakra, focus your attention there and ask it to speak for you.  Actively, daily, consistently, use this principle as the major step in becoming responsible for yourself-your thoughts, conversations, reactions, habits and overall being.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (May the Buddha in me, connect to the Buddha in you, to promote harmony and peace)


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