Posted: March 12, 2015

Enriching Me and My Reiki Community Conference.  I have been asked to write about the experience of the group treatment that will take place at the end of the conference on May 3rd.  The last blog regarding the conference spoke of my gratitude to be the channel for these experiences.  It is truly an honour to hold space and energy for the group.  It brings with it the feeling of being bigger than my physical body and absolutely filled with love, peace and compassion.  The effects of the treatment can be felt for days and my personal being vibration ALWAYS moves to a new level and remains there.

Now, what I see during the group treatment…..we begin with a group meditation to bring as many people to same vibration  as possible.  As this energy begins to move and integrate itself within the group, each person starts to look like an energy field.  It is egg shaped, begins above the head (center above) and ends below the feet (center below).  The person’s energy pathways look a bit like laser beams and they connect with each other forming a pattern.  Each pattern or person is a different configuration and the pathways are often different colours.  Sometimes there are colours that I have never seen before.  As the treatment progresses, I connect each person to the next by touching their shoulders.  The effect looks like building an energy grid.  The group grid contains each of the participants with their individual patterns in their egg shape and also it’s own distinct pattern that integrates the individuals with its own.  It truly looks like coloured laser beams forming a mandella.  It is an exquisite, breath taking experience. At this point in the treatment each energy system or individual can access its own needs from the the mandella.  The results are incredible, with each person having their own individual experience within the group mandella.  The mandella will be in effect as long as it is needed and then begins to dissipate as the group treatment comes to an end.   Hope you can join us.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,  Denise

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