There have been many students over the last few months that have been asking about their purpose with their Reiki Training.  Their first thought was to be of service to clients on a regular basis.  But, as time progressed, that had not been the case.  The students of late have been as varied as the stars.  Their ages range from early 20’s to those in their 70’s.  Their professions range from just out of school to very senior positions in corporations to being retired.  Their educations range from finishing high school to PH.Ds. Their experience with energy varies from barely noticing to extremely educated and practiced.

I asked their question during Reiki meditation…..this was the response.  In earlier times, the white light energy was anchored into the planet by those in community…convents, monasteries, ashrams, temples and other praying communities regardless of the religious theories being taught.  The Divine used any and all of these communities as a means of anchoring itself…all practices were valued, all practices employed.  Today, those communities are in need support.  There is a group of beings called “Light Workers” or “Sensitives”… as well as numerous other names… whose work is to help anchor the white light energy on this beautiful planet in a way that is plugged into day to day life….regardless of the chosen lifestyle. You will know who you are by the desire to find a more compassionate way to live on this planet; live with her animals, plants, care for her environment, engage with all her people.  The meditation ended with a call to empowering all those with that calling….so whether you are drawn to Reiki as a means to do your work, or to any other method for consciously connecting with all that is, with compassion and gratitude…KNOW that you are here now to help anchor the Divine or White Light Energy as we move into the Aquarian Age.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,


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