Posted by Denise on January 26, 2016

Reiki Conference…Mark your calendars…..Please join us at the second annual Reiki Conference – Enriching Me and My Reiki Community on May 1, 2016.  We have a full day of discovery and exploration planned for everyone with or without Reiki training.  The topics will include Reiki and Shamanism, Reiki and Animals, Reiki and Mandalas, Reiki and Crystals, Reiki and the 5th Dimension and Reiki: building my Business.  To enhance your learning we have engaged four new speakers and by popular demand, two of our presenters from last year will be returning.  To enrich you as a member of our Reiki community, we have moved our venue to the Long Island Conference Center, in Manotick. (just 10 minutes south of the Ottawa Airport). This facility is beautifully located on a peaceful section of the Rideau River.  We have a wonderful caterer booked to bring us a delicious lunch and snacks.
Save 25% off our regular price of $200 by registering early through  Use the code “Early Bird” until March 31st.  Still to come….more details about the agenda, speaker profiles and vendors will be posted on or facebook.
It is go be an AMAZING DAY! Looking forward to greeting you… Denise and Brenda

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