Posted: March 25, 2015

Enriching Me and My Reiki Community Fees.. …we have been asked the question of the how we set the fee for the Reiki Conference..  The response to the fee has varied from…. too expensive…. to….what a fair fee price…. and everything in between.  Setting the fee was a very difficult task in the beginning, then it became very clear as Brenda and I discussed the value of the day.  The conference is spirit lead; Brenda and I are the facilitators.  The venue, the speakers, even the flow of the agenda has been downloaded and reinforced if we try to deviate from the original intention.  The idea of moving perception of Reiki from a fringe therapy with questionable status into a more professional status was one of the drivers.   The speakers are all educated professionals in their fields as well as being Reiki Masters.  The teachings of these women will be priceless.   The facility is top rated and brings with it an inspiring earth friendly environment, complete with an organic lunch and snacks.  The group treatment at the end of the day will help everyone, with or without Reiki training; to assimilate the information they gleaned, align themselves to their highest good and step back into their lives renewed.   The empowerment for the Reiki Community to stand together for a day to celebrate and embrace the energy is unmeasurable.  The fee for this amazing day works as a signal to ourselves and others that our worth and work has professional value and contributions.

With gratitude we welcome you to share this amazing day…

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, (May the Buddha in me, connect to the Buddha in you, to promote peace and harmony)


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