Posted: April 13, 2015

Continuing with the Reiki Principles… The Fourth Principle… Just for Today, I will earn my living honestly.  With this principle we are asked to become aware of how we invest our time and energy both with others and within ourselves.  With others, we are asked to become conscious of our level honesty with time, words, intentions, promises, offers.  If you are contracted to work an eight hour day…do you?   Or, do you work six?  Or, do you work ten?  Being contracted to work eight hours means just that, work eight.  Are you able to communicate honestly if you need more time to finish the contract?  What if the extra time is just expected from you without renegotiating the original contract?  What happens if you do not need  the full eight hours?  Would you communicate that?  How would you present it?  Working with this principle becomes a process of steeping yourself in open communication….no judgments, no agenda….looking for the win/win with the exchange.

Being honest with ourselves takes us on an exploration about how we spend our time, what are our true intentions, do we make promises we cannot keep, do we say words we don’t mean just because others want to hear them?  Why do we do and say what we do and say?  Are we content with ourselves, are we looking for change?   How honest can we be with ourselves?  If we are working through an issue, can we allow ourselves to be wrong, to have failed, to be heading in the wrong direction without recrimination?  Can we allow ourselves to just change directions, motivations, ideas, desires to find that place of honesty within?

Spend some time with this principle.  It can be difficult, but so worthwhile…..the Reiki energy will guide you.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (May the Buddha in me, connect to the Buddha in you, to promote harmony and peace)


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