Posted: February 3, 2015

As we continue the journey of 2015, let’s explore the next class of Reiki 101:  Return to the Basics….Principle 2.

It all begins with the Reiki Principles:

Just for today, do not anger. (blog 101)
Just for today, do not worry. (blog 104)
Just for today, I will live in gratitude. I will honour myself, my parents, my teachers and my elders.
Just for today, I will earn my living honestly.
Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

These are such profound concepts.  How was your month of examining your anger and the anger of those connected to you?  Where you able to be in witness self with your anger?  Where you able to allow another to express themselves without taking their expression personally?

Today we will consider Principle 2:  Just for today, do not worry.  Worry keeps us mired in the future…what if…if only I could…if only they could…  Our goal is to keep our energy in the present moment.  Worry has us engaged in the future, where events have not yet happened.  My most compelling lesson with worry came through my daughter.  She had the opportunity to cycle across Canada with classmates from her school.  Their objective was to raise awareness for chiropractic, nutrition, exercise and overall healthy lifestyles.   As her Mom, I could only see the danger.  Being her Mom, I encouraged her to have the experience.  Two weeks into the adventure, I lay away yet again, envisioning all the disasters that could befall her.  Reiki started flowing and the following words came into my head.  The words said, “Dear One, think of what you are sending her, your thoughts carry energy and intention, is that what you want for her?”  Yikes….the answer was no.  I wanted her to have a safe, self empowering adventure.  Next, a picture of wrapping her from head to toe in white ribbon came to mind with the words “try this and trust”.  I did try wrapping her in Reiki and White Ribbon, and slowly found a way to retrain my mind to trust her flow.  I could then sleep.  With practice, I could sleep peacefully.   With more practice, I started to wrap everything and everyone in Reiki and White Ribbons and gave up worrying.  What a relief!!
Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,

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