Posted: January 20, 2015

Grace, Reiki and the Fifth Chakra… we continue to work through Carolyn Myss’ book “Invisible Acts of Power-Channeling Grace in Your Everyday Life”.  This chakra speaks of our intentions.  “The Sanskrit name for the fifth chakra means purified and refers to the spiritual path of becoming conscious of why we do what we do” (page 174).   This is also the chakra of “right speech”, that is making the decision to weigh every thought and word, then speak honestly but with good judgment.  The objective of our words becomes not to harm, but to “transmit a great strength of spirit and conviction….Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will” (page 175).  This act of service takes courage.  Being honest with ourselves and others can prove to be most difficult.  The events of this past year have brought this lesson to a place of true understanding for me.  Asking the Reiki energy to flow through my throat chakra when speaking has allowed much growth and healing.  The intention to deliver the words does not come from a desire or need to manipulate or harm, only to bring clarity and healing.  I found, if the words were too strong, they could not be spoken….If they were too soft, they could not be spoken.  I would have to wait and  reconsider them.  Then, I remembered to ask Reiki for clear intention with the delivery.  This resulted with words of grace flowing with the intention for clarity and healing.  It was extremely empowering.  It felt like a miracle taking place in my throat and through my mouth.  I was being consciously responsible for my words and the energy they carried.   True kindness and compassion were present and reflected.  The work became and remains making this form of conscious communication my norm.  I am blessed by Reiki and Grace.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,   Denise

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