Posted: January 13, 2015

Grace, Reiki and the Fourth Chakra…I found myself very reluctant to write this blog….. We will continue our work through Carolyn Myss’ book “Invisible Acts of Power-Channeling Grace in Your Everyday Life”.  December was the last blog about this book and it featured the Third Chakra.  My Fourth Chakra, the Heart Chakra was given a thorough wrenching in 2014.  According to the book (page 144) heart intuition or love, is a greater force than survival intuition or the combined power of your first three chakras.  The work of the Fourth Chakra is to bring you into the depths of your feelings.  So we ask the question… What does the energy of love, or heart intuition feel like?  The outcome from the energy of love is healing….always and in all ways.  Its profound presence can be felt through deep intimacy for and with another.  It is also experienced when we respond from a heart felt place of kindness and respect.  Another way to experience the energy of love is through the act of Forgiveness.  It is believed that those who bring us suffering are actually bringing us the gift of understanding where we need to grow, if we are to truly become authentic beings.  Often grief is the feeling experienced after such encounters.  And, grief has been the overwhelming feeling of my fourth chakra for the past few months.  The book explains on page 167 that by channeling the energy of love, divine grace will help you heal …..will help you take your power back through the act of Forgiveness.  If we are to BE, then we need to BE fully present.  Holding on to moments that are not, or were not what we had hoped, imagined or desired, stagnates our growth or said in a different way, holds us in our past.  By forgiving, by allowing divine grace to flow, we allow the energy of grief to pass through us instead of residing in us.  The feeling or energy of grief may pass through us many times, necessitating many repetitions of Forgiveness, but the act of loving, of allowing divine grace, in the the form of Forgiveness will free us to BE present to ourselves and others.  It will allow us to participate in the now, fully conscious and fully connected.  What a gift to the planet and all those who share it with us.
Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,   Denise

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