Posted: May 16, 2016

Many people have asked how it is that I can tell when channeling the Council as opposed to using my intuition…..  When I use my own voice/energy/intuition, I can feel the energy move from my abdomen up through my torso, through my throat and out my mouth.  It is a very distinct feeling…you can “feel” the air move through you.  When the Council is using my body as a voice, the energy comes through the back of my head, very close to the top of my neck and out my mouth.  It comes through me but is not a part of me, I can’t manipulate it.  When channeling, I go into Witness Self and just observe.  My body seems to grow bigger than it is in this dimension and then it is as if it disappears….there is just voice.   There is no effort on my part to think or deliver dialog.

As the time was nearing for the conference I was really struggling with the idea of channeling the Council.  I was very concerned that I would try to alter the message that was to be given.  I feared making a fool of myself, I feared being different, I feared that the Council would not show up.  A class with my Spiritual Advisor really helped me to see that trusting the Council was my only option.  He helped me practice going into and out of the Council energy.  He explained that they were an energy frequency that could be accessed at will.  Then we spoke of the fear that my ego would/could try to help out.  He explained that my ego and the Council were not in competition with each other, but could co-exist with mutual respect and service.  We spent some time mediating on that concept and just as he said, I could sense my ego relax and then begin to enjoy spending time with the Council.

Finally, the message from the Council is ALWAYS loving, empowering, enlightening….all about the thrive energy and joy.  My ego is more practical in a daily sense…how to…what to…when to…why to…   Both are magnificent, both are necessary!!

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,  Denise

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