Posted: October 20, 2014

Grace.  The book “Invisible Acts of Power, Channeling Grace in Your Everyday Life” by Caroline Myss had been trying to get my attention over the last few weeks.  I promised to read it as soon as I had finished my then current book “The Help”.  Within the first few pages, I understood why the book was calling.  On page 15 through 16 of the book we read “Although it is difficult to capture its full nature in one definition, grace is unmistakable when experienced.  Grace is a noun and a verb: it is a state and an action, an energy that flows between two beings.  Grace is gratis, a gift.  In theology, grace is defined as unmerited divine assistance, aid given to help us regenerate our spirits and lives-a virtue coming from God”.  The book then goes through the chakra system and how grace manifests through each.  The explanations are very interesting and then Chakra Six appears.  On page 29 it reads “Chakra Six, The Energy of Rational Thought.   Gifts of the Mind-Wisdom and Optimism.  ….  It is impossible to be both wise and pessimistic.  Yet you have to nurture optimism consciously.  Wisdom arises through effort.  You have to choose to make the best of a difficult situation and to trust that a reason beyond your understanding is always at work.  This is the wisdom to accept things as they are   …..  Never, ever underestimate the inherent power that exists within your own archive of wisdom, and never judge the quality of your wisdom by the response of the listener.”    Yikes…So this has been the lesson and the gift of the last few months.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,  Denise

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