Posted: October 7, 2014

I want to thank everyone who has read and/or commented on my blogs.  It has been quite a tool for growth and your comments, mostly through email and phone, have really helped to keep my perspective and outlook in the Reiki tradition.  But, questions have been asked about the human aspect.  I have to admit that being human and having a human experience while engaging Divine principles has proved most challenging.  Some days, I would just cave into despair, some days, I would see the “big” picture with all the gifts it held.  And, some days, my bodies-physical, emotional, and spiritual-were numb, unable to process or understand any of the events of the past months.  The emails or phone calls all seemed to arrive at a time when I was most vulnerable.  I have to say that my faith and trust in Reiki and its process were never in question.  The vulnerable feelings all revolved around my capacity to step up and into what was being asked of me.  Deep change and evolution has occurred during this time.   Maybe I am finally moving into my true self, devoid of clutter on the emotional realm , growing capacity on the physical realm and empowered on the spiritual realm.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen…..Denise

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