Posted: July 17, 2014

Sometimes the Universe takes your life and shatters it so you can put the pieces together in a different pattern.  The last few weeks have been quite extreme, but life is now finding a new flow.  The Reiki energy has ramped up and new Beings are present at the treatments and classes.  I started working with the idea that before we incarnate, we decide which body type we would like to live in for that life time.  The body type includes our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  I could “see” the body types as blueprints and called them the Divine Templates or Divine Blueprints.  Next, my Reiki Master brought a gift of intention.  The intention is “May I (you; we) realize my (your; our) optimal potential in alignment with divine purpose in this and every moment”.  I started to visualize these two ideas while treating or teaching.  I also asked the client/student to visualize their Divine Blueprint hovering over their physical body and encouraged their physical/emotional/spiritual body to align with the Divine Blueprint.  The results have been quite amazing!!  I am not certain that I would have been able to reach this level of channeling without the shattering.  Thank you again Universe for empowering me on my path.  Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Denise

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