Posted: November 10, 2014

Grace, Reiki and the First Chakra….I am still working through Carolyn Myss’ book “Invisible Acts of Power-Channeling Grace in Your Everyday Life”.   Our first Chakra, named the Root Chakra is all about “Gifts of the Earth-Food and Shelter” (page 22).  “Its energy is located at the base of the spine and includes your home, family, support system and social connections” (page 22).   As the past few months have unfolded, there has been a strong daily desire to directly treat and rely upon my Root Chakra.  The energies of our various tribes (genetic and social) are stored here as well their teachings about self-care in the physical dimension-food and shelter.  My genetic tribe’s teaching about self-care was severely lacking.  My regular Reiki treatments helped me to see the limitations and opportunities for change and growth.  Grace was instrumental in this process.  It was never about blame or shame.  It was more like lifting a heavy veil to reveal some disconnected or misaligned energy pathways.  My social tribes were incredibly supportive. Initially, I was unable to recognize or meet some of my first chakra needs, but my children and friends made the connections and put the necessary energy in motion to so.  The energy of their grace created a soft landing place.  As this chakra evolves, enhances and rebalances itself, I am grateful for the opportunity to step forward with a new understanding of self-care, responsibility and accountability.  What a ride!!!

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,   Denise

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