I am amazed at how quickly this year seems to be passing by.  My last blog was in April and it is now the end of August.  My musings will address a discussion that is common with clients and friends.  The discussion revolves around….”I thought I had really worked on this and dealt with it, why am I experiencing this again?”   The answer is influenced by the fact that we have moved from the Piscian age ….. dualistic, one right way, authoritative, win/lose energy… to the Aquarian … cooperative, collaborative, more than one way, win/win energy.  Any patterns of behaviour, either emotional or physical, that were created in the Piscian age (before 2000) will need a different frequency to shift it to an Aquarian solution.  So, if you are experiencing a recurring pattern of either the physical or emotional realms, what is needed now is to shift your mind from judging it to loving it.   Rather than punishing yourself for having the pattern …. sit with the experience or emotion and allow it to come into conscious mind.  As it comes into conscious mind, rather than judge it….start sending love energy to it….even if you don’t love the experience or emotion….shift to the thought of energy and wrap it in love energy…whatever that may look like for you.  If love energy is just too difficult to manage, then choose the energy of acceptance.  If acceptance is too difficult to  manage, choose the energy of acknowledgement.  It may take a few attempts of sitting with the pattern, but it will shift.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen,


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