Posted: December 15, 2014

The Canadian Reiki Association is pleased to introduce a new designation of Registered Animal Reiki Practitioner. This has been a project the Board has been working on over the past year and they are now ready to present it to the membership. The Association is looking forward to opening their doors with the new designations. This will allow new applicants and existing members to complement their practice with this additional modality. Over the next several months the CRA will be working on Registered Animal Reiki Master designations.

They have structured the levels and criteria for:

New Student Animal Reiki Membership
For new members joining the CRA. and will upgrade to R.A.P. upon their six month anniversary of certification

Registered Animal Reiki Practitioner
For new members joining the CRA

Registered Animal Reiki Practitioner
For existing members to the CRA

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