Posted: February 25, 2014

My Body…Miracles…yikes…again!  This Reiki journey holds such richness, fascination and awe.  While I continued to speak more kindly, more lovingly to my body; my body decided to dialogue directly with me.  I guess that I am far enough along the path to accept that this is possible and embrace the idea of this communication.  But, the experience of the discussion was so much more than my mind could imagine.  We (my husband and I) decided not to have a glass of wine regularly due to over consumption during the Christmas holidays.  Because of this decision, my body had not experienced more than two glasses of wine in total since the beginning of January.  But, last week, we decided to try a bottle of wine about which we had heard accolades.   I must admit that the bottle we consumed was most delicious and it was behaviour we have enjoyed many times.  That night I had a fitful sleep and experienced a deep discussion with my body.  It was akin to witnessing a discussion between two people.    It gently explained how adversely the wine had affected it.   And, then posed this question  “Why the whole bottle, when one glass would have satisfied your taste and not have caused the discomfort?”  What a shock to hear …What a good question to ask…I still do not have the answer!

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen…Denise

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