Posted: June 16, 2014

I need to confess up that life can sometimes be a challenge, even for someone who has been journeying as a working Reiki Master/Teacher for 15 years.  Our family is going through some personal transitions…some issues settling themselves with time and patience…this is easy to do…I just need to let it happen.  Other issues seem to be confusing and covered in layers of hidden or unexplained or unrealised agendas.  In the past, my reaction to the second set of issues would have been to become personally involved and try to help find a path to a win/win solution.  This time around, I decided to try to be in the energy of the situation without adding my own desired outcome to it and just let the situation flow through me.  If it triggered me in any way, I tried to be more responsible with the energy vibration I brought to the situation.  Depending on how triggered by emotional body was, my contribution varied from compassion and love to judgment and frustration.  When I would experience the judgment vibration, I would then try to move it to the discernment vibration.  This proved to be very difficult at times, other times, I could move the vibration quite readily.  During this process, I tried not to help find a solution, but, just hold the highest vibration I could muster at the time….keeping my thoughts and suggestions to myself.  The Universe was very supportive and gifted me with glimpses of what the others were experiencing from their point of view.   This brought new insights and understandings that I would have missed in the past and helped me move to the vibration of discernment, love and compassion.  I am adding this process to my daily practice as our family continues it’s transitions.  Phew…. being human is awesome.  Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Denise

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