Rachel Johnson – Dog trainer, Bowen Therapist
Tips on Overcoming Food Aggression
Rachel’s Bio…Dogs have always interested Rachel from the time she was noticeably young. When she got her own dog, she started to learn about dog training and how to communicate with them effectively. Rachel became a certified dog trainer in 2018. Now she helps dog owners to better understand their dogs and to create a loving, respectful relationship.

Rachel’s interest in animal wellbeing was peaked with her introduction to Animal Bowen Therapy. It is a holistic non-invasive therapy. It is a brain-body connection helping the body reconnect the neurological pathways so that the body can function as a whole.

With a few, gentle movements Bowen gives the body time and space to unwind and digest physical and/or emotional stress. It helps the body shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic dominance and allows the body to heal.

For more information or to book an appointment, contact Rachel at www.endlesspawtential.com or rachel@endlesspawtential.com or (20+) Endless Pawtential | Facebook or text 613-267-8575.

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