Posted: February 11, 2014

The magic continues….The combination of the Reiki energy with the indigo beings is unfolding in something just short of miracles.  During each session, I  ask the client at some point during their session “What is your miracle?” and then work with that combined energy and their intent.  We focus and discuss what the highest good for them would be and then focus and discuss what the highest good of the other or others or situation could look like.  We do not focus on, nor discuss, the how.  It is often difficult for the client to think of the highest good for someone who has caused them or someone close to them harm, but, they are able to move to those thoughts.  That outcome in itself moves the vibration of the treatment energy to the higher realms.  Then, the energy seems to continue after the session for the client until some beneficial change happens.  Often, after the session, a client will leave a message that begins with … “you won’t believe what happened”.  Thank you Universe!  Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Denise

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