Posted: March 17, 2014

Change…..Our national association, the Canadian Reiki Association, has the following position with the listed commitment and goals:  from their website

First and foremost, we believe in equality. In becoming members of the Canadian Reiki Association, our practitioners and teachers express their support for the idea that all styles of Reiki are equally valid and that no one style of Reiki is better or more authentic than another.

While CRA members support holistic healing, we understand that Reiki is not superior to allopathic or other complementary intervention, but rather is an additional method of addressing the issue. We believe in the therapeutic effectiveness of Reiki, both as a free-standing therapy and/or in conjunction with other modalities.

The Canadian Reiki Association is committed to promoting ethical practices and teaching; encouraging educational standards; and providing the public with referrals to our Registered Practitioners and Registered Teachers.

The practice of Reiki in Canada has grown extensively in recent years.  Currently, there are many systems of Reiki being used and taught.   The Canadian Reiki Association has the perplexing issue of how to bring some form of standardization to a practice that is experiential and sometimes defies our vocabulary.  One effort has been the renaming of the Usui Level III to the Reiki Master/Practitioner Level.  Initially, for me, this felt like a compromise and a step away from the system I use and was taught.  But, as I sat with the notion, the concept, the energy of the change, I began to realize that it was only semantics and that Level III could be named almost anything and that would not change the teaching nor the Reiki energy connection.  Through this process I became acutely aware of how profound my relationship with Reiki has become.  Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Denise

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