Posted: May 12, 2014

Miracles….how sweet to live in the energy of them.  I finally decided to consciously shift my thought patterns from that of always working on miracles to that of always living in a miracle.  The process has taken a few months.  The concept started as a small thought in the middle of the night…sort of an twinkle.  It did not surface again for a couple of days, but when it did, the thought stayed in the back of my mind.  The thought process would go something like this….a client would come for a treatment and we would work on their miracle.  As time passed, the miracle itself or a version of it would come to pass.  My brain would think how wonderful if we could always live in that reality, but, then it would go back to old patterns of always having to work on them.  About a week ago, again in the middle of the night, the twinkle became a dream…I dreamt of shooting a hole in one on the golf course,  and various other scenarios that would be classed as a miracle in my life.  The message seemed to be…miracles are a way of life, not work, just keep doing your best.  So over the last week I decided to try it out.  Everyday I gave gratitude for the miracles.  And, every day they appeared…some small, some big, some that have changed my world.  To the Indigo Beings…Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Denise

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