Next on Conversations with Denise….Join Denise and Kelly Johnson as they discuss Kelly’s career as a Chiropractor at Johnson Chiropractic. Kelly believes that we are all created with our own gifts and talents. If we are healthy in body, mind and spirit our potential is unlimited. For this reason, she has searched and taken a wide variety of courses that can offer people hope for recovery and renewal of these three aspects of health. Her mission is to minimize the Dis-Ease of the nervous system caused by trauma, toxins and thoughts and to maximize well-being. She offers a variety of services and techniques because everyone is unique and heals in their own way. In February, 2017, Kelly realized a goal of becoming an animal chiropractor. To learn more about Kelly or Chiropractic therapy, visit Dr. Kelly Johnson, 102-130 Sproule Rd, Perth, ON. K7H 3C9 (613) 264-2402 www.

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